Micro DC (Eaton iCube 2.0)

micro data center (MDC) is a smaller or containerized (modular) data center architecture that is designed for computer workloads not requiring traditional facilities. It comes with built-in security systems, cooling systems, fire protection, backup power and monitoring systems. These are standalone rack-level systems containing all the components required of a typical data center.

MDCs are typically portable and provide plug and play features. They can be rapidly deployed indoors or outdoors, in remote locations, for a branch office, or for temporary use in high-risk zones. They enable distributed workloads, minimizing downtime and increasing speed of response.



The Eaton Modular Data Center is a new generation of green data center infrastructure solutions that integrate subsystems such as UPS, power distribution, cooling, monitoring, and lighting in one cabinet. Eaton iCube 2.0 can provide single rack and multi rack system to meet different customer requirements, they can be deployed quickly and offer great flexibility in installed configurations. Designed for use in indoor environment like micro data centers and branch offices, this standalone cabinet system can house any hardware equipment that is compliant to the industry standard (EIA-310-D) for 19-inch cabinet. These include server, voice, data, and network equipment. There are six key systems in the product, and they are tightly integrated to work seamlessly together. This allows small data centers to operate efficiently while offering key equipment like servers a normal and stable operating environment. The standard design allows for on-site assembly without a raised loor.

Applications: Finance, insurance, securities (for branches and business nodes requirements), Government, educational and medical systems requiring digital transformation, Transport, shipping, commercial retail (computer rooms and branch nodes), Computer rooms of large-sized enterprise branches and small and medium-sized enterprises, Telecommunications, 5G computer rooms, Edge computing

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)



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