Eaton/GV IT Racks (RACK)

IT infrastructure solutions for maximum availability - Efficient, flexible, secure

  • We offer a broad spectrum of server and network enclosures with a comprehensive range of accessories.
  • Versatile rack systems for individual assembly and configuration of your it infrastructure.
  • 1500kg static load, the highest 80% perforation for better-cooled air intake, and Tool-less Mounting technology.

Eaton Enclosures

Eaton Enclosure offers a rugged, durable platform with exceptional value for network, server and telecommunication applications.

Eaton Enclosure is vendor neutral and guaranteed to accommodate all TIA/EIA 310-D equipment, making it ideal for small to medium data centres.

ERS Racks/Enclosures


Hallmarked as being a feature-rich high-density server rack, it was designed for maximum airflow and heat dissipation aided by the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation.

Like all ERS constructs, great pain has been taken to fit most branded server manufacturer's rack equipment while conforming to EIA-310-D, EIA-310E, TIA 942, IEC-60297-1 & -2, and RS-310-D guidelines.

Standard 42U, 45U, 48U, 52U, 54U, and 60U.  Customization is available.

B@Rack is an industrial standard rack designed to perform for all general-purpose applications as an entry-level rack.

Key Benefits
- Optimized for easy cable management and power strip​ installation
- Better ventilation to minimize hotspots
- Support static load up to 800kg
- Best cost-performance rack 

Standard 42U, 45U; Maximum: 48U

ER@Rack solution is an evergreen classic 19" rack that was designed in 1995 to support customer requirements for super-easy configuration. The design architecture can be configured to support rack height from 6U to 52U. 

Key Features
- Can accommodate the different door and locking options
  - Glass, Acrylic, Full Metal and/or Perforated Door
  - Cam lock, Swing handle lock (standard, cylinder profile)
- Compatible with any power distribution unit

Standard 42U, 45U; Multiple height configurations from 6U to 52U